Welcome to Burgeo Academy's website. We hope this website is a hub for important information and can act as a great communication tool between the school and home. To see pictures of the many things happening at Burgeo Academy please follow our Facebook Page. If you have any suggestions for the website please feel free to contact the school.

Extra Curricular at Burgeo Academy

  • Mentoring
  • Lunch Time Sports (K-6)
  • Choir
  • Music Group
  • Tech Club
  • K-6 and 7-12 Floor Hockey
  • Kids Dance Fitness

March Birthdays

Emily Young - March 6

Lexie Roach - March 9

Sarah Standing - March 11

Jayden Strickland - March 15

Jared Meade - March 18

Brook Durnford - March 19th

Mackenzie Crant - March 23

Andrew Ricketts - March 23

Brandon Ricketts - March 25

Colby Hann - March 30

Sierra Warren - March 30

Upcoming Events

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