Welcome to Burgeo Academy's website. We hope this website is a hub for important information and can act as a great communication tool between the school and home. If you have any suggestions for the website please feel free to contact the school.

Important Announcements

Year end is quickly approaching! The website has not been updated much as of late but we hope to improve upon this as we move into next year and beyond. May and June Birthday's in addition to recent school council meeting minutes have been now added to the site.

Please forward any website suggestions to Paul Hare

May and June Birthdays

    • Waylon Benoite - May 14th
    • Mary Stadnichuck - May 14th
    • Jayme Dollimount - May 19th
    • Paige Hann - May 21st
    • William Benoite - May 27th
    • Kavanna Thorne - May 30th
    • Jenna Green - June 14th
    • Kennedy Lushman - June 16th
    • Jordan Ricketts - June
    • Kailey Parsons - June 19th
    • Lily Warren - June 30th

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Upcoming Events